Becoming The True You

“False identity places your identity in people, things, and performance.
Your true identity is based solely on what God says.
-Sheri Yates
Author of the book,  Stop It!
You can be a mom and a wife and still have the business that you’ve dreamed of, without sacrificing your marriage or your dreams.
And you can do it without the support from the people you think your supposed to get it from (Loved ones – i.e: spouse, family, close friends).
Smack dab in the middle of a strategy session with one of my favorite coaches/mentors I was told that I was operating my business at surface level.
I was like OUCH!!!
She reminded me that God never told me to lose my identity.  He chose me to help other wives and mothers just like me that were struggling in private but want to profit in public.  Who best to help them than someone who really understood their pain points.  Someone that has gone through what they are going through and have learned how to push through it with God’s grace and help.
That’s where real impact begins SASSy Lady.
When you really understand the pain point of your ideal client, you will really show up the way God has called you to show up in your business.
This post is to remind you just as she reminded me that You are God’s masterpiece.  He has created you to do the good things He planned for you to do. (Ephesians 2:10 -paraphrased)
Stop trying to become who you already are.  Go and complete the assignment that God gave you. 

It’s time to GetYourSASSOn™ in your business 
Strategic + Action + Signature + Systems = SASS

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