I’m Unstoppable, I Can Only WIN!

Challenges are a part of life … and it’s also a part of growing your business.  With the widespread panic with the Coronavirus, massive anxiety and frustration maybe setting in amongs #womenpreneur #entrepreneur and #smallbusinessowner ‘s here are 5 things to remember to stay encouraged.
  1. Make the decision not to do this alone.  Stay encouraged by connecting with like-minded people look for
  2. Find a mastermind group or an advisory group of like-minded entrepreneurs that you can get together with online to work ON your business.
    – Networking can also take place online (local and internationally) to build relationships with other #womeninbusiness, #businessowners.
    – Look for #accountabilitypartners inside of the #SocialMedia groups that you belong to.  (Remember to choose an accountability partner who’s mindset is about winning)
  3. Reconnect to your “WHY”.  Most of us are in business to make money, but what do you do when you have little or no money at all coming in?
    Remember… Reconnect then focus on the impact you want to make through your business (shift your focus off yourself onto the people your business can help.)  What is the difference you set out to make in people’s lives through your business?
  4. Hire an experienced coach or mentor to help guide you through the steps you need to take to growing your business. (Resource: www.LetsTalkStrategies.com or www.TheSASSFactorAcademy)
  5. Take inventory of the software/equipment that you use.  Evaluate your marketing toolbox.  If your not using it, ditch it or give it to your assistant to do for you.
    Here are four tech tools every business should be equipped with:
    – Lead generation magnet – An irresistible offer that’s specific, solves a problem, inspires one quick win, quick to digest (pdf checklist).
    – Lead capture landing page (WordPress, Kartra, Leadpages, etc.).  Make sure your lead magnet demonstrate your expertise or your unique value proposition (UVP).  This helps turn leads into customers.
    – Email Marketing/autoresponder tool
    – Free or paid Traffic generation tools like social media
Remind you that you are “Unstoppable, you can only win!”

You Got This SASSy ??  lady…
(S)trategic + (A)ction + (S)ignature + (S)ystems = SASS in your business.
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