Take the first step into #entrepreneurship!

#Begin ~ To do the first act; to enter upon something new; to take the first step.

I absolutely love #JoyceMeyer book, #WakeUpToTheWord, 365 devotions to Inspire You Each Day.  I’m sure to find something in it that not only feeds my soul, it also gives me food for thought almost daily in my business.


“We may not know exactly where we’re going or exactly how long
it will take us to get there, but we still need to begin moving in the
direction God is calling us.”
-Joyce Meyer

This quote came right on time.  It reminded me of a recent conversation I had with one of the #womenpreneur from my membership site – The SASS Factor Academy™.   She was full of zeal and didn’t have a problem approaching me with her new product.

Already being a user of the product I decided to challenge her by asking the question,

What are you going to do to differentiate yourself from other people that are selling the same product?

Days later she came back with her answer.  Not only did she know what made her unique and different.  She presented me with her why which allowed her to become a director very quickly in her organization.  I love success stories like this.

You can have the same success story.  Make the decision to push forward and #takeaction on your dream.  You may not know how things are going to work out but by taking a #leapoffaith and moving in the direction of Gods’ will for your life, one decision/step at a time.   #Success is sure to come.

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Source: Some of the content/statements came directly from bestselling author, Joyce Meyer’s book Wake Up to the Word, 365 Devotions To Inspire You Each Day.  I just took and put my spin on it to share my experience to encourage you to stretch your faith to a greater capacity to fulfill your God-given potential.

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