Do You Have 20-20 Vision?

So I guess you can see what I was doing yesterday!

After being diagnosed with Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC) last month and having to visit my Optometrist 3 times in one month, I really started thinking about the things we take for granted (i.e. VISION). I was told I needed at least one full month of treatment (but it could take longer than that) and that I should wear my contacts as little as possible while going through the healing process (funny thing is, I hardly wore them).

For me, making the decision to stop wearing the contacts to correct my vision issue as quickly as possible was a no-brainer. Having to wait for the prognoses of how long I’d have to deal with this issue was the hard part.

After having to stick with the glasses I already had because it didn’t make sense to get new ones while going through the treatment. I finally pick out my new glasses yesterday.

Which ones do you think I chose?

This experience got me to thinking about the vision I have for my business. Then I read my daily devotion and the topic was “Do You Have 20-20 Vision?” That tripped me out. God is so funny to me at times. He has a unique way of getting a message across to you. No matter what I read to feed my soul / #jumpstart my day, it seems I can always find a quote or some sort of message that I can use for my business out of what I read.

I’m on day 5 of Mark Bilton’s, Monday Matters: 30-day short, sharp, insightful messages that are applicable to you, your work, and business. Mark says all levels of your business can benefit from understanding where you want to go. True leadership releases people with empowerment, but without a clear vision, that is not possible. Unless we all know where we are going, we can’t do our part to get there.

So my question for you today is,

Do You Have 20-20 Vision for Your Business? Are your plans written down and what action steps are you taking to make sure your vision manifest itself?

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