The Womenpreneurs Get It Done: Life and Business 2019 Weekly Planner

The Womenpreneurs Get It Done: Life and Business Planner – 365 Days, 12 Month Dated
Weekly Planner that helps you balance your family and business life all in one spot.

“Diligent pursuit, with focused activity over a significant amount
of time produces success.”

Each day you get to decide to take the necessary action that helps you to get one step closer
to your goal for your family and your business. As a mother and wife, I understand the struggle of
keeping things together. Some days I’d feel good about growing my business and other days I’d feel
guilty about dropping the ball on the things that mattered for my family: husband and children.
The perfect blend did not exist.

That’s why I created The Womenpreneurs Get It Done, Life and Business Planner. It’s designed to
make life and business congruent with each other. It not only has a spot for you to schedule or
set appointments for your business, family and upcoming events, all in one spot. It has a place
for you to list you’re weekly money goal, weekly meal plan, shopping list and more. It is the
perfect blend of both worlds.

-Danette M. Moss
Wife, Mother and Womenpreneur

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