Puzzle Building and Womenpreneurship. . .


“Life isn’t about finding pieces of a puzzle. It’s about creating and putting those exceptional pieces together.”
-Glen Van Dekken

Sunday’s are the days I look for inspiring quotes or statements to start my work week. I use them as motivators. So I decided to check out my Instagram peeps to see if something would speak to me.

As soon as I clicked on the app I hit the jackpot. The quote I found spoke to my life and business. It was written by a childhood friend and neighbor of mine, Zoe Brown, creative blogger at www.gonegirlgo.com whose mission is to motivate women to make their brilliant ideas blossom.

In her article, Jigsaw Puzzles and the Power of Random Thoughts, Zoe shared three types of puzzle builders in the world:

  • Exact match types use the box cover as a guide to piece together a puzzle. They usually sort by color or patterns to determine the different sections of the puzzle.
  • Random types piece together puzzles without any strategy. It’s trial and error with them.
  • Border types piece together corners and edges first before tackling the inside area. When it comes to organizing, there’s an OCD like quality about them.

This had me thinking about how I approach my business and family life. As a young child, I grew up with parents who were business owners which sparked the entrepreneur bug in me. My dad was very strategic in the moves he made when it came to building his businesses and although we sometimes didn’t understand why or how he was able to maintain them for almost 40 years, somehow it always worked out because he built his structure and filled the inside in as he went along.

As a previous Single Mompreneur, Divorced Mompreneur and now Wifepreneur, I get it. . . I get that there has to be some sort of method to the madness (foundation/structure) and that having a plan/strategy will help you tackle those (the inside heart of the matter area’s) critical areas in your life and business.

“I start building the frame first because it’s easier to fill in the inside once there’s a structure.”
-Zoe Brown

To read Zoe Brown’s article in its entirety click this link: Jigsaw Puzzles and the Power of Random Thoughts.

Share your thoughts on this article with Zoe in her Facebook group: GoneGirlGo 6 to 11 Network. I’ll be sharing my thoughts.

Thanks, Zoe for sharing this with us.


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Picture source: Zoe Brown
Excerpts from: Gone Girl Go Blog


One thought on “Puzzle Building and Womenpreneurship. . .

  1. As I read your post, I wondered which puzzle master suits me so it’s a little funny that I can see myself in all of them. Sometimes, I begin projects like the random puzzler, placing the pieces without a particular strategy. However, once I get well into the project, I become interested in the exact match because I’m striving for excellence. I love the metaphor of the puzzle. As you know, Danette, I believe in “building the plane as I fly it,” It’s a strategy that works all too well for my creative brain.

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